New Dobbs Ferry theater reopens after termite problem

The newly built iPic movie theater at Rivertowns Square in Dobbs Ferry reopened Thursday following a termite problem.
A spokesperson for iPic tells News 12 that someone in operations discovered a small termite incident, but wouldn't say where exactly the termites were found. As a result, the theater was forced to close Monday.
The spokesperson also says the termites were not in the building itself, which is made of steel and concrete. News 12 was told they were checking chairs and tables in the theater. 
Terminators were called in to fumigate the theater. Officials say the termite problem has been completely abated.
Some neighbors say they're shocked to hear termites were discovered at the luxury movie theater that opened last May.
"Termite infestation seems a bit out of sorts..that would happen at what seems like a high quality theater," says Bettinelli of Dobbs Ferry.
The Dobbs Ferry Town administrator says the building inspector will check the facility to make sure everything is good.