'Never enough' - Family of teen killed in 2019 say they've lost hope for justice

A Sullivan County grandmother says her family has now lost hope for justice after a retired judge is sentenced to pay $1,000 for killing her teenage grandson and his friend.
Devin Zeininger was 16 when he was killed in 2019 with his friend 14-year-old Justin Finkel.
The two were on foot when they were hit by a car driven by 86-year-old retired Fallsburg judge Isaac Kantrowitz.
Kantrowitz pleaded guilty to reckless driving and was sentenced Friday to pay a $1,000 fine and an $88 surcharge.
Family wanted the maximum sentence, which is 60 days in jail, but the judge handling the case said Kantrowitz will never drive again and felt that punishment was enough.
"It's never going to be enough. Devon is never going to grow up and become a man and do all of the things he wanted to do," said Cindy Ruff, Zeininger's grandmother.
Prosecutors say they were unable to charge Kantrowitz with a more serious crime – even though he was speeding - since a grand jury found the tragedy was an accident and say the boys' deaths exposes serious inadequacies in state law.
This case has renewed a push for lawmakers to pass the Vehicular Violence Accountability Act – which would make deaths by vehicle a more serious crime.