Mount Vernon School District to step up security, provide grief counseling in wake of fatal stabbing

Mount Vernon School District promised to step up security and offer grief counseling to students following the deadly stabbing incident that took the life of a teenage girl and seriously injured another.
Green's mother posted a photo of her on her social media page in advance of an upcoming vigil in her memory.
Mount Vernon School District Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Hamilton shared his thoughts on a Facebook live video. He said grief counselors will be available to students, staff and parents and additional security will be hired to prevent violence on school property. He added, however, that the problem is bigger than the school district.
"Our homes, our families, we have to monitor what our children are doing on social media, 'cause I understand that there are pages where fights are being posted and being sensationalized, and where violence is being welcomed by some of our students, and that really needs to stop," Hamilton urged.
The fatal stabbing of Green and the stabbing of fellow 15-year-old cheerleader happened Friday afternoon, near Gramatan and East Prospect avenues after a day that celebrated the Mount Vernon varsity boys basketball team's recent win of the state championship.
Mourners gathered on Saturday for a candlelight vigil in Green's memory.
A 15-year-old who is now charged with manslaughter and other felonies in the deadly stabbing is scheduled to appear in Westchester County criminal court on Monday.