More than 1,000 people rally in streets of New Rochelle

More than 1,000 people were rallying in the streets of New Rochelle Wednesday night.

News 12 Staff

Jun 4, 2020, 10:20 AM

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Demonstrators across the nation and in the Hudson Valley are still taking to the streets to make their voices heard and protest for change.
Wednesday night in New Rochelle, over a thousand people flooded the streets, even shutting down busy North Avenue temporarily.
Protesters of all ages and different backgrounds kicked off their rally at Lincoln Park.
Holding signs and voicing outrage over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, marchers then hit the streets causing a portion of North Avenue to close.
Police kept a close eye to make sure there were no problems with the large crowd and to ensure the march remained peaceful, and it did.
The crowd then gathered in front of city hall as many spoke of change. Protesters say they believe these peaceful demonstrations are helping to educate people about problems within our society. "You have to let the people who don't know, you have to let the establishment know, you have to let the police know that this is not acceptable," says Alfred Peters, of New Rochelle.
People who spoke with News 12 say they're relieved the protests taking place in the Hudson Valley so far have not turned into the violent events seen in New York City.  "I don't see that last there's anything wrong with protesting or supporting your cause if you do it civilly. I don't see the need to burn down your community, I think that's really sad," says Essie Giraldi.
Protests are expected to continue in the Hudson Valley today with more rallies planned in Somers, White Plains, Dobbs Ferry and more. 

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