Monsey man says he is being threatened after CNN interview on vaccinations

Monsey man says he is being threatened after CNN interview on vaccinations

A member of the Orthodox Jewish community in Monsey says he is being threatened by people who are against vaccinations because he recently spoke out about why people should be vaccinated.
Shimon Singer says his life changed drastically since he gave an interview to CNN earlier this month. Singer said he was concerned about the measles and his now 3-month-old daughter, Malki, who is too young to get vaccinated.
Airing those concerns seems to have now made Singer a target. Singer says he's received hundreds of angry phone calls from people he believes are “anti-vaxxers.” Some, he says, have even threatened him.
The calls are also coming into his work at Turtle Boo, a kids entertainment center he owns in Spring Valley.

Singer says the calls are in Yiddish and English.
He and his wife also received dozens of angry emails after an email blast encouraged followers to harass the family. "If you know him or her, call them up and say how disgusting and unethical this interview is, especially as a Jewish family," the email said.

“If somebody goes on TV and says the truth about him and his family, just to silence them like that, it's shameful,” says Singer.

Singer's 5-month-old nephew is still in Westchester Medical Center after coming down with the measles in Monsey last week, despite the entire family being vaccinated.

“It just goes to show again and again that this is real. This is dangerous,” he says.

That danger is also getting worse in Rockland County. News 12 has learned that there are now 19 new confirmed cases there, jumping from 225 cases last week to 244 infections total.