Mike Spano sworn in for historic fourth term as mayor of Yonkers

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano officially made history on Monday when he was sworn in for his 13th year in office, making him the longest-tenured mayor in the city's history.
"I consider this probably the greatest honor that any person could achieve, which is to be able to lead this city, the greatest city in all of America. It's a privilege," he said.
Spano won two-thirds of the votes during last November's general election over Republican City Councilman Anthony Merante. A little more than a year before that, at the end of 2022, the city council approved a measure to extend term limits for city officials from three four-year terms to four four-year terms which opened the door to Spano's historic re-election.
Spano said his plan for 2024 includes increased investment in the city's public schools, more economic growth for businesses, and steps to continue reducing crime.
"It's all about living and working in a place you want to call home, that you want your children to be able to get a good education and be able to get a good job and to be able to afford to live in this city. That's what it's all about and that's what we're going to continue to fight for," Spano said.
Majority Leader Tasha Diaz and Minority Leader Mike Breen were the two incumbents sworn back onto the city council.
"I ran on a clear message of finding solutions to problems and working with all stakeholders to ensure the solution is equitable for everyone. I'm proud to say that I have delivered on this promise. Now, there's transparency, accountability, and results have been the hallmark of my first term in office," Diaz said.
"Over the next four years, I most certainly look forward to working with the city council in a bipartisan manner to keep moving the office forward," Breen said.
They were joined by first-time politician Deana Renee Robinson who will represent the city's first district.
Robinson was elected to the seat that was vacated by now-Westchester Leg. Shanae Williams who will now represent the county's 16th district.
Democrats will maintain a 5-2 edge over Republicans on the council.
Yonkers City Court Chief Justice Arthur Doran III and City Court Judge Karen Beltran were sworn in on Monday as well.