Middle Hope Fire Department honors its female firefighters for Women's History Month

The Middle Hope Fire Department in Orange County is honoring the service of its nine female firefighters this Women’s History Month.
They include three social members and six active-duty members – two who are interior qualified. 
There are also two mother-daughter duos who volunteer. 
The women say they’re proud to break barriers and show others that women can be and are firefighters, too.
"I had one little girl, it was a car accident, she was tugging on her mother’s shirt saying, ‘Mommy. That’s a girl.’ I said, absolutely. You can do this when you get older," said Middle Hope firefighter Donna Corkery.
The department is sharing its female firefighters’ photos each day for the month of March on its Facebook page to highlight their volunteerism. 
Anyone interested in volunteering with the department can call 845-562-1062