Microcluster zones lifted in Westchester, Rockland; portion of Orange County still not in the clear

Microcluster zones in Westchester and Rockland have been lifted, but some of Orange County is not in the clear.

News 12 Staff

Jan 28, 2021, 11:34 AM

Updated 1,243 days ago


Microcluster zones in Westchester and Rockland have been lifted, including in Port Chester.
It comes as Gov. Andrew Cuomo eased COVID-19 restrictions in the state on Wednesday.
Port Chester had been in the orange zone since November. That's about two months that high-risk nonessential businesses like hair salons and gyms couldn't open. Restaurants and bars could only provide outdoor seating during some of the coldest months of the year.
Earlier this month, the governor allowed indoor dining in the orange zones, including in Port Chester.
And on Wednesday, high-risk nonessential businesses were allowed to reopen their doors, too.
Gov. Cuomo says microcluster positive numbers are going down all across the state.
That's why Port Chester's mayor says they are finally moving in the right direction,
He's warning not to let anyone's guards down yet.
"To see this turnaround is certainly an uplift for our community" said Port Chester Mayor Richard Falanka. "Although these restrictions are being lifted and were going to 50 percent, I still urge all village residents to wear their masks, to practice social distancing and wash their hands because this virus is still out there."
This may be good news for Port Chester, but it's a different story in Newburgh. It is currently

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