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Meet the Met: She's Back! Meteorologist Samantha Augeri

Get to know News 12 Meteorologist Samantha Augeri, a familiar face on Long Island! News 12's Geoff Bansen sat down with her to discuss her favorite weather, the beach, and coming full circle.

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Oct 29, 2019, 3:07 PM

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Meet the Met: She's Back! Meteorologist Samantha Augeri
After a successful stint at Fox 5 in New York City, Meteorologist Samantha Augeri returns home. News 12's Geoff Bansen sat down with her to discuss her favorite weather, the beach, and coming full circle.
Geoff Bansen: First, let me say WELCOME BACK!
Samantha Augeri: Thank you! It's great to be back.
G: Let's start from the beginning. You are a Long Island native. Where did you grow up?
S: Malverne. I've spent most of my life there.
G: For college you attended my SUNY rival Albany, I dislike their sports teams but they have a great meteorology program!
S: They do! I actually first went to the University of Scranton for 4 years to study communications and journalism before getting my meteorology degree. I was also captain of the lacrosse team!
G: What inspired your love of weather?
S: I've loved weather forever. In my elementary school yearbook under "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I put 'meteorologist and gymnast' - who knew I would've known so early! Specifically, I remember snowstorms during my childhood with snow drifts as tall as me. That really sparked my interest. Then later on I became obsessed with thunderstorms. One summer I was outside playing in the yard and the sky turned so dark - it almost looked green. Such an eerie feel. After that my dad would buy me weather books on tornadoes and other severe weather events. It only furthered my love of weather and made me want to study it even more. I also used to be a lifeguard, and you experience a lot of weather down at the beach, especially seeing the rough surf ahead of tropical storms.
G: So what year did you begin your first stint at News 12?
S: 2010, I joined the team as weekend morning meteorologist - your current position!

G: Was that your first job out of college?
S: Second. I stayed upstate for a few years and started at CBS in Binghamton. It was great to experience the weather up there and be able to forecast lake effect snow - they have a very interesting microclimate, just like Long Island.
G: How did you enjoy your time in New York City?
S: It was great! A lot of energy and very fast paced at such a big station. 
G: Was it weird/exciting/nervous to come back? Does it feel different?
S: NERVOUS! But also excited. It honestly feels like I never left, and that I'm back home. I think this is where I'm supposed to be - it feels so great to be back.
G: What's your favorite part of the job, and what is most rewarding about it?
S: My favorite part is forecasting the weather here at home for my family and friends. I love that they get to watch me. As for rewarding, when big weather events come to Long Island, it feels good to help people prepare and stay safe.
G: If people follow you on social media - and if they don't, they should! - they've likely seen your many gorgeous Long Beach photos. The beach, LB in particular, seems very special to you, no?
S: It is! Being a lifeguard there for many years there and currently living there, it is certainly a very special place. I also met my husband there - he was a lifeguard too!
G: Wow, that is so cool! Alright, it’s time for the lightning round! What's Sam Augeri's perfect hyperlocal forecast?

S: Sunny and hot with a light sea breeze - perfect beach weather.

G: Most fascinating weather phenomenon?
S: Severe weather is fascinating. I also love roll clouds - low, long, tube-shaped clouds that often precede thunderstorms. We watched one 'roll' across the beach one time, and to see it coming on the horizon was amazing.
G: Favorite season.
S: Summer!

G: So let me guess, your favorite month is July?
S: Yeah! Well, actually June.
G: Most memorable weather event you’ve covered.
S: Sandy, hands down. You talked about this in your interview with him but Bill [Korbel] was stuck on a cruise and so I was thrust into storm coverage.
G: Cheese or chocolate?
S: Cheese! No-brainer for me.
G: Yankees or Mets?
S: Mets! I hate the Yankees. You don't have to say that last point.
G: If you could be anything or anyone else for a day, what/who would it be?
S: Even though I didn't put it in my yearbook, I always wanted to be an astronaut and do the weather from space.
G: You're a mom of two, correct?
S: Yup! Two beautiful boys.
G: I am imagine that is a hobby in and of itself, but what else do you like to do for fun?
S: I love to run and workout. Also shopping - which can sometimes involve running! That, working, and the kids is pretty much my life right there. I also love surfing. I used to all the time, but only get to once in a while these days.
G: Do you have any pets?
S: We had a senior dog named Ralphie - we actually adopted him from our Dog Day Friday segment! He was the best. Unfortunately, he left us last year, but we will adopt again soon.
G: What do you love most about Long Island?
S: Living here I feel like everything is at the tip of our fingers - beautiful beaches, our farms out east, gorgeous views on the north shore, and just a short trip to the greatest city in the world!

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