Measles and vaccine take on new meaning as Passover looms

With Passover only one week away, the measles and its vaccine are taking on new meaning for many Jewish people in Westchester and Rockland County.
Last week, a judge placed a temporary hold on the county's state of emergency order. Rockland officials are appealing that decision.
There are now 184 confirmed cases of measles in Rockland County. At least 80 percent of those cases are among children and teens.
According to health officials, eight children in Westchester have been diagnosed with the virus.
All the children are from Northern Westchester and none were vaccinated. They appear to have been exposed to measles in Brooklyn and Rockland County where there have been ongoing outbreaks.
Both counties have set up clinics that are offering free shots.
Some Jews in Monsey told News 12 that anyone not getting vaccinated due to religious reason are “uninformed” and were getting precautionary vaccines before traveling for the holiday.