Legislators consider cutting special needs budgets by 23%

Special needs care organizations are worried that state legislators are going to cut their budgets by as much as 23%.
Locally, seven Care Coordination Organizations (CCOs) manage and coordinate services for people with special needs, including placement in group homes.
They also provide guidance and support for families. Following major financial losses due to the pandemic, the state is proposing 23% cuts to CCOs on top of 16% cuts that already went into effect last year. "So in the span of about 14 months, CCOs are looking at losing over $160 million in funding and none of them are really in a position to withstand that type of cut and provide the services that we do," says Jessica Davis, a care manager.
CCOs tell News 12 if these cuts go through it can, and will likely, have a significant impact on services provided to people with disabilities. Advocates encourage families to contact your lawmakers and tell them to stop the cuts.