Lawmaker calls for medical marijuana for pets

<p>There is push to make medical marijuana legal for pets in New York.</p>

News 12 Staff

Mar 18, 2018, 9:51 PM

Updated 2,313 days ago


There is push to make medical marijuana legal for pets in New York.
State Assemblywoman Amy Paulin tells News 12 that she modeled the proposed bill after state legislation in California.
The proposed law would allow vets to prescribe the drug to animals.
"The research so far shows that it's effective. Pet owners are already doing it in other states," she said. "It keeps your dog happy, in a lot less pain, and at a lot less cost for owners."
Advocates say that it can reduce pain and inflammation in the same way it does in humans.
"There's no reason that if you could replace a pharmaceutical with a natural product, why you wouldn't," said Nicole Rigger, owner of Pets A Go Go.
She tells News 12 that her clients would support the bill. She says that the full-service shop is one of the only places in Westchester that sells legal hemp-based edibles and pills for pets.
Lawmakers say that more studies are being done to test the drug's effect on pets.

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