Law enforcement leaders break silence to weigh in on protests

Local law enforcement leaders are breaking their silence to weigh in on the protests.

News 12 Staff

Jun 2, 2020, 6:28 PM

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 Local law enforcement leaders are breaking their silence to weigh in on the protests.
Ossining Police Chief Kevin Sylvester was among the top police officials in the region speaking out at protests and taking to Twitter in an effort to rebuild community trust.
"What I can say is given enough time and enough opportunity with people, our mission now is to rebuild all of what we had before,” he says.
He says holding officers who step out of line accountable is part of that process.
"If we are not willing to do that then we are setting ourselves up for failure on the larger issues,” he says.
Sylvester is not the only law enforcement leader empathizing with protesters.
"The country is united I believe in identifying that the actions of that police officer were both inappropriate and criminal,” says Kenneth T. Jones, Orange County undersheriff.
Jones says protests in Orange County have been peaceful, which he attributes in part to good relations between law enforcement and the community there.
He wants to remind residents his department is dedicated to rooting out bad cops.
"This is a small sliver of people that should not be police officers and they betray their oath and they betray their service when they engage in conduct such as that,” says Jones.
Leaders of both the New York Senate and Assembly have said legislative action is in on the way.
Possible solutions include repealing a law in order to allow the public release of police personnel and disciplinary records.

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