JetBlue flight from Florida to Westchester delayed over 15 hours

It was chaos at the Westchester County Airport Monday as flights to and from Florida experienced major delays - including one flight that was delayed up to 16 hours.
Social distancing guidelines were also hard to follow because of the sheer number of people at the airport.
Some of the hundreds of people who were going in and out told News 12 they're exhausted and frustrated.
A JetBlue flight scheduled to land in Westchester Sunday night finally landed on the tarmac in the area after a more than 15-hour delay.
JetBlue Flight 814 bound for Westchester County Airport in Harrison was scheduled to leave Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at 7:30 p.m. Sunday.
Passengers said that JetBlue offered no accommodations.
Some passengers were even supposed to fly into JFK, LaGuardia or Buffalo, but ended up in Westchester.
JetBlue tells News 12 that Florida had dangerous weather conditions that forced more than 70 delays and nearly 40 cancellations.
In an email, a spokesperson from JetBlue tells News 12 the airline has to reposition crew when weather-related system impacts happen. They say most previously assigned crew members end up reaching their legally allowable duty hours. The airline added that it appreciates the patience of its customers as it works to resume normal service as quickly as possible.
The delays also impacted Florida-bound flights from Westchester.
Passengers tell News 12 that JetBlue has not yet reached out about any possible reimbursements for rental cars or compensation for this experience.