Investigators search tons of rubble for clues from deadly Spring Valley fire

All you have to do is take a look at the aftermath of Tuesday’s fire in Spring Valley to know that investigators have a daunting job in trying to figure out the cause of the flames.
Teams of detectives from several different agencies are working the case, digging through the huge pile of rubble that was once the Evergreen Court Home for Adults.
They are looking for any clues that will point them in the right direction.
And of course they do this with heavy hearts at the loss of Spring Valley volunteer firefighter Jared Lloyd. A male resident whose name has not yet been released also died.
This fire was so massive and there was so much destruction with wall and ceiling collapse that finding answers is a real challenge. And that's why the Spring Valley police department is asking for the public's help. They're looking for pictures and video of before, during, and after the fire, as well as any information anyone may have.
As is usually the case, the investigation begins with trying to determine where in the facility the fire started.  "The first part of the investigation is really to focus on the area where the fire may have started, hone in on that, and they really got to go through the debris like sheriff Falco said, piece by piece. It's very meticulous and you hope you find evidence that was leftover because there was such significant damage," says Chris Kear, Director of Rockland County Fire & Emergency Services.
Fire officials tell News 12 that investigators are methodically pulling debris apart to inspect and photograph. Other teams from other agencies are interviewing everyone from first responders to staff of the Evergreen Home for Adults and residents. This is upward of 200 people.
Investigators say they expect to be at the site for at least several days.
If you have any information, reach out to the Spring Valley Police Department at (845) 356-7400.
Spring Valley police are asking people to send videos and pictures from before, during and after the fire. Those can be sent via email to
Meanwhile, donations are being collected for the more than 100 people now homeless due to this fire. They are staying at various area nursing home facilities and there are 10 different locations where you can drop off items. For more information, click here.