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Instructor: Chlorine levels are unsafe at Yorktown Heights Goldfish Swim School

Emily Conners was tipped off by a colleague about the excessive chlorine levels in her company’s pool.

Jade Nash and Rob Taub

Jul 25, 2023, 9:55 PM

Updated 329 days ago


A Yorktown Heights Goldfish Swim School instructor told News 12 she was exposed to a high amount of chlorine while giving swim lessons at her job. 
Emily Conners says she was tipped off by a fellow employee on July 22 -- one day before she was scheduled to work -- that the chlorine levels at her company's pool may have been too high to swim in.
"Normally, the chlorine levels are supposed to be from a range of one to three parts per million, said Conners. “On Saturday, it was at 22 at the highest, which is incredibly unsafe and on Sunday it was at a level of 19.”
Despite the warning, Conners’ managers told her and her fellow colleagues that the pool was safe to swim in. One employee went to test the chlorine himself and found the level at 19, which led to the swim school remaining open and Conners still having to give lessons.
"Everybody was having rashes, itchy eyes, or some vomiting,” she added. “There was one point during the day that they had us get out just to rinse off in the showers and we were instructed to just put lotion on our legs and go back in.”
Conners says she decided to get out of the pool when her eyes swelled up and her limbs got irritated.
"She's not supposed to go in any type of chlorine for a minimum of a week and the doctor put on her records that it was exposure to chlorine,” said Conners’ mother.
The owner of the Yorktown Heights Goldfish Swim School, who chose not to appear on camera or give his name for the story, in a statement said, "Safety is always our number one priority for our families and team members, and we take great care in providing a safe environment for everyone. We are looking into this further, and are not able to comment until we have additional details. Please know that we take these concerns very seriously."

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