Indian Point's Unit 2 permanently shuts down

Indian Point's Unit 2 reactor in Buchanan has permanently shut down.

News 12 Staff

Apr 30, 2020, 11:32 AM

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Indian Point's Unit 2 reactor in Buchanan has permanently shut down.

After nearly five decades of operation, it is offline - but not without a last-minute protest by a pro-nuclear group that wanted to save the aging facility.

The group argues that closing the Buchanan-based facility that produces nearly one-third of the energy powering downstate New York will lead to more air pollution. They say gas power plants are expected to fill the gap in energy needs left by the closure.

"It makes absolutely no sense, all the science and data is telling us that this is the wrong time to be shutting down Indian Point" says Pramila Malick, of Protect Orange County.

However, environmental groups such as Riverkeeper, advocated for the closure of Indian Point, citing concerns of potential for earthquakes, its proximity to a high-pressure gas line and its impact on the Hudson River.

Local communities are also on the front line of concern. Entergy is a major employer in the region and shelled out a large chunk of taxes. Local leaders are now left scrambling to balance their budgets as the coronavirus wreaks havoc on the economy.

"There was never was a plan B, the plan was to close the plant and that was it, there was no regard to human beings and human life and people's lives here," says Buchanan Mayor Theresa Knickerbocker.

According to the closure agreement, the state can extend the operation of the plant for extreme reasons.

An Entergy spokesperson tells News 12 that there is no fuel left in the reactor at Unit 2.

The remaining reactor, Unit 3, will shut down by April 2021.

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