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Indeed announces layoffs of 8% of its employees

The company has a headquarters on Broad Street in Stamford.

Frank Recchia and Robyn Karashik

May 13, 2024, 9:29 PM

Updated 38 days ago


The worldwide employment company Indeed announced plans on Monday to lay off 8% of its workforce.
The company has headquarters in Stamford and in Austin, Texas. Officials declined to disclose how many employees were laid off from the Broad Street building in Stamford.
One worker who says she was laid off said she never saw it coming.
CEO Chris Hyams shared a message that went out to all of the company's global workers. He said about 1,000 people are losing their jobs companywide:
"While the reductions touch many groups and regions, they are not across the board like last year. Rather, they are mostly concentrated in the U.S. and are more focused on R&D and some Go-to-Market teams.”
“People who have worked here for five, seven, 10 years were impacted. People at all different levels were impacted,” said a worker who was laid off on Monday.
“It's a real kind of shocker,” said another worker.
Stamford State Sen. Ryan Fazio said the layoffs should be a wake-up call.
"We have the second-highest tax burden in the state. We need to reduce that,” said Fazio. “It's a reminder to us in Connecticut that we need to do more to create a fertile ground creation and economic growth in this state."
Cynthia James, of Stamford, doesn't work for Indeed but said she has used the company's services to find a job.
"It's a good company, everybody uses Indeed,” said James. “It's pretty shocking that they're laying off 1,000 people."
"While I have no illusions about how scary and difficult a time this is for folks, I'd like them to know that they're not alone and that help is on the way,” said State Rep. Hubert Delaney.
Delaney said upon hearing about the layoffs, he and State Rep. David Michel immediately got in touch with the State Department of Labor to help all of those impacted.
"Connecting them to their unemployment benefits, connecting them to our department of workforce strategy to help them find other jobs,” said Delany.
Workers said they appreciate the assistance, but they believe finding comparable full-time jobs with benefits will be a very tall order.
The full statement to employees can be found below.

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