‘I don't want to hit you’: Spring Valley mayor refuses to talk about raid on city hall

Spring Valley officials and village documents are now at the center of a state investigation.

News 12 Staff

Jun 24, 2021, 10:13 AM

Updated 1,124 days ago


Detectives tell News 12 it could be at least another day or longer before they are ready to release details about the raid that took place at Spring Valley Village Hall Wednesday afternoon.
State and local investigators with the District Attorney's Office showed up with a search warrant, crow bars and suitcases, and loaded 15 to 20 boxes of documents and records into a van.
A source says the raid was in connection with the massive fire at Evergreen Court Home that took the lives of a still-unidentified elderly resident and Spring Valley volunteer firefighter Jared Lloyd in March. The village of Spring Valley is under scrutiny for its transparency over the records pertaining to that fire.
The source added that code enforcement concerns in the village was also another focus of the investigation that involves local police, the DA's office, and ATF.
News 12 is in the middle of the appeals process to obtain public documents on the matter that people have a right to see. Our investigative unit has been requesting those records for months and the village has not supplied them.
At this point Spring Valley lawmakers, including the mayor, aren't saying much. Mayor Alan Simon refused to comment when News 12 asked him about the investigation.
News 12 asked Simon about possible fraudulent documents in connection to the Evergreen fire and whether he knew anything about those fraudulent documents
"Ask them," he replied.
News 12's Samantha Crawford then asked Simon "What about you? You're the mayor sir. You're in charge of the village."
He replied, "Please get away from my car. I don't want to hit you."

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