Hundreds of vaccines appointments canceled, rescheduled due to storm

Hundreds of vaccination appointments in the Hudson Valley have been canceled and rescheduled because of the wintry weather sweeping the country.
Those who have appointments scheduled for a vaccine Friday at the Westchester County Center are still on the calendar as planned.
However, many county-run vaccination sites in the Hudson Valley will be closed because of the storm, and on top of that, the wicked weather nationwide is now causing delays in shipments of vaccines.
The Rockland and Putnam County executives tell News 12 that they don't know when the rerouted shipments of vaccine will arrive.
Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell says a few hundred first- and second-dose appointments were canceled today and pushed to Monday.
“The last doses that we were supposed receive were re-routed back to Kentucky. So that slowed us down from dispensing any vaccines this week. We are hopeful that when this weather event subsides, we will seem them again and get that allotment,” says Odell.
Those who were supposed to be vaccinated in Rockland Thursday or Friday will have an appointment on Tuesday or Wednesday.
Those who had an appointment Saturday or Sunday will not be vaccinated one week later.
Rockland County Executive Ed Day says they can't make new appointments until they know when the delayed shipment of vaccine will arrive.
"We will notify people when we know we have the vaccines in hand. We don't want anybody coming down under the promise of a delivery. We want to make sure we have it," he says.
Dutchess County residents who were scheduled to receive their second dose of vaccine Thursday at the former JCPenney store at the Poughkeepsie Galleria have been rescheduled for Sunday.
Orange County Health officials are pushing Thursday appointments to next week.
For those who are concerned because they are getting their second dose of vaccine later than the three-to-four-week timeframe, health officials say it's OK. That data shows people can actually receive the second shot up to six weeks after the first - and the efficacy is not affected.