Hundreds of vaccine seekers frustrated by long lines and snow at Westchester County Center

Hundreds of people stood outside in the snow Sunday as they waited in line for their vaccine appointments at the Westchester County Center.
The line, which included seniors, front-line workers and people in wheelchairs, wrapped around the entire block. The winter weather had them frigid and frustrated.
The situation for vaccine seekers was a catch-22, as people were upset when vaccines were rescheduled during this week's Nor-easter. On Sunday, vaccine appointments were not canceled, but people were upset about the lack of organization.
"We need to get everyone vaccinated, and we don't need to have everyone standing outside," said volunteer firefighter Sang Han.
But allowing too many people inside was not an option because of social distancing. Some left the line altogether and opted not to wait, but others tried to look on the bright side in that the time in the cold would all be worth it.
"This is a gift, it's an experience. I just said to her, we're going to laugh about this someday," said one registered nurse, referring to her mother who also waited online.
News 12 reached out to the state to ask what exactly caused this delay, and they said they believe people are showing up hours before their appointment.
However, dozens of people who told News 12 that was not the case.
Westchester County said it's increasing efforts to get people through the line faster.
Meanwhile in Rockland County, health officials say its COVID-19 vaccination clinic was closed Sunday and appointments will be rescheduled for Monday.