Hudson River Park honors volunteer with Golden Shovel award

Hudson River Park is honoring one of its own. 
Atsuko Kusunose has been volunteering in Manhattan parks since the summer of 2020.
“One day when I was jogging around here, I encountered the Green Team on a Saturday,” Kusunose told News 12. “After that, I applied immediately and started.” 
Kusonose has volunteered with the green team, a volunteer program focused on improving public green space, over 30 times this past year - focusing her efforts on the apple garden while also volunteering at over half of the park's 2022 Green Team events.
“This park is perfect and wonderful… so I wanted to pay back the park every time,” said Kusunose.
That effort has been acknowledged and Kusunose has been awarded the coveted Golden Shovel award for volunteer efforts in 2022.
“It is nice, but I’m learning everything from my senior volunteers people. So this award is for everybody,” said Kusunose 
The Golden Shovel Award is given out by Hudson River Park to volunteers.