How do we help children navigate the challenges of the pandemic? Here's what mental health experts say

News 12’s Elizabeth Hashagen was joined this morning by clinical psychologist Dr. Liz Matheis, psychology professor Dawn Melzer and mental health counselor Caroline Poland to talk about children’s mental health and parental resources and to answer other virus-related questions.
Children have been dealing with many issues during the pandemic. Among them are breaks in continuity of learning, changes in their routines, missing significant life events and breaks in consistent health care. The experts say social and emotional closeness is more important than ever:
In March, many people expected that they would be getting back to normal after a few months. But parents are still dealing with struggles as some children remain out of school. Experts say both young people and adults have dealt with physical, behavioral, emotional and cognitive issues:
The pandemic could also differently affect children in different age ranges, and there are differing ways that parents can do to support their child. Experts say the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a parental resource kit: