Highway crews break down towering snowbanks in Rockland

Days after the nor'easter, highway crews continue to break down massive snowbanks in Rockland County.
Drivers now have more places to park and room to ride as county highway crews shave the towering snowbanks off busy roads.
Some of the snowbanks are up to 5 feet tall.
Local businesses on Nanuet's Middletown Road say the cleanup is helping to keep their doors open.
The owner of Raul's Nanuet Deli says business went down while snowbanks took up parking.
Rockland County Highway Superintendent Skip Vezzetti explains where those snowbanks go:
"That blower there is just softening it up. So the trucks, when they come up, they'll be loaded, and we'll remove the snow to an area where it'll melt off during the spring," he says.
In Nanuet, they are going to be working in the commercial areas, which is where all the merchants and local stores are. After they're done there, they will move onto areas where there is less traffic near the mountains.