Gov. Cuomo signs bill banning 3D-printed guns

New York is banning 3D-printed guns and other undetectable firearms, which could go undetected by X-rays or metal detectors.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed two bills into law Tuesday. One requires guns to be locked in secure storage at homes with children. The other makes it illegal to make, sell or own 3D-printed guns.
Assemblyman Tom Abinanti, from Westchester County, sponsored the bill to ban 3D-printed guns.
The so-called Ghost Guns are made of plastic and can pass through metal detectors and X-ray machines unnoticed.
Gun rights advocacy groups say this is a non-issue. Executive director of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association told News 12, "Every firearm is detectable by either an X-ray or metal detector. This is a feel good piece of legislation that allows uber liberals to make an issue that is not a threat to anyone."
Abinanti argues the law is necessary, pointing to the deadly mass shooting that happened this week in Northern California. The suspect allegedly crossed state lines to purchase an AK-47-style gun in Nevada.
The law takes effect immediately.
Cuomo signed a bill Monday extending the background check waiting period from three to 30 days for potential gun buyers. He also banned bump stocks, a gun attachment that allows for the shooter to fire bullets at rapid speed, which was banned on the federal level in March.