Goshen woman accused of starving dog charged with animal abuse

The dog's owner, Corbett Whitney Hoffman, is charged with animal abuse.

News 12 Staff

Jul 30, 2021, 10:10 PM

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A Goshen woman is facing criminal charges for allegedly starving her dog.
The dog's owner, Corbett Whitney Hoffman, is charged with animal abuse. It comes following public outcry from News 12 viewers who saw the story one week earlier.
"I'm happy to see that the people of Orange County have spoken," said Joan Kay, of the Hudson Valley SPCA. "This isn't just about Camo. This about all animals in our community and what we are willing to accept."
Hoffman is accused of starving the pug for months after an SPCA vet found no underlying illness.
Hoffman was charged in May but the case was dismissed last week on a technicality, which prompted public calls for the district attorney to press charges in Supreme Court.
Hoffman's prominent and outspoken attorney, Michael Sussman, denies the allegations. In a statement he says, "The seizure of the animal violates the Fourth Amendment. The evidence we have shows a healthy family pet and my client will show the baselessness of all claims against her."
In the meantime, the SPCA wants Hoffman's husband charged as well.
"It's really hard to fathom that two people could watch this dog and withhold food," Kay says.
Hoffman could face up to a year in jail if convicted.
As for whether or not her husband will be charged, the district attorney's office says the investigation is ongoing.

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