GoFundMe page raises at nearly $370,000 in one day for fallen firefighter

There has been an outpouring of grief and support for the family of Jared Lloyd, the firefighter who died in Tuesday’s fire at an assisted living home in Spring Valley.
The 35-year-old volunteer firefighter was a volunteer at Columbian Engine Company in Spring Valley for 15 years. Friends and family say he was a huge sports and Mets fan, and was a loving father.
This is a devastating loss not only for the community, but for Lloyd’s family. So to help with that, a GoFundMe page has already raised nearly $370,000 in less than 24 hours, with over 5,000 donors. All funds raised is going straight to his family and will be used for his son’s future. 
There was also a show of support Wednesday as fire companies from around the Hudson Valley did a massive drive-by for Lloyd’s son’s birthday. The boy just turned 6 years old.
Others are taking to social media to express their grief. The Mario Cuomo Bridge, which was glowing in red Wednesday night to support Red Cross Giving Day, spurred many people to post their memories of Lloyd. One post read “Rest in Peace Brother, We’ll take good care of your family.”
Clarkstown Town Supervisor George Hoehmann has directed all flags lowered to half-staff at town facilities in memory of Lloyd and other victims in Tuesday’s deadly fire.
Rep. Mondaire Jones posted a tribute to Lloyd and his family on social media, saying he valiantly and selflessly gave his life so that others could live.
State Sen. Shelley Mayer also gave condolences and reminded people to acknowledge the real risks our first responders and volunteer firefighters face every day.
The New York Mets tweeted Thursday morning that they're deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Lloyd, a Mets fan.
Jared Lloyd also a member of our family at News 12. He was an Optimum Tech for Alice USA, the parent company of News 12. Some of his colleagues are deep in mourning. "Great absolute guy. He died doing what he loved to do," says Pierre Louis, Optimum Field Service Technician.
Optimum trucks did another drive-by Thursday morning outside of Columbian Engine Company in memory of their heroic colleague. Lloyd's supervisor says there are grief counselors on hand for employees through the rest of the week to help the Optimum family cope with this loss.