Former judge dies days after being sentenced to fine for crash that killed 2 teens

A former judge has died one week after being sentenced to a fine for fatally striking two teens.
Retired Fallsburg Judge Isaac Kantrowitz died Thursday after "falling ill" shortly after the sentencing, according to his attorney.
The 89-year-old pleaded guilty to reckless driving but only faced a $1,000 fine for running over 14-year-old Justin Finkel and 16-year-old Devin Zienenger with his car.
The boys' families allege that Kantrowitz was given special treatment and say that his death will never right a wrong.
"The closure would be finding the corruptness in the legal system and rectifying it at this point. That would be true closure," said Bill Finkel, Justin's father.
Prosecutors say the Kantrowitz case exposed serious inadequacies in state law when it comes to vehicular deaths.