FEMA offering up to $9,000 to help pay for funeral costs for those who died of COVID-19

People can now apply for help with funeral costs if they had to bury a loved one who died from the coronavirus.
More than half a million people have died from COVID in the U.S., and FEMA is offering reimbursements up to $9,000 for funeral expenses.
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Riggani Urrely's 73-year-old father is one of countless COVID-19 victims.
As if losing him wasn't hard enough, his cremation costs were an extra blow.
She's hoping to get that $3,500 back with FEMA aid.
The requirements:
-The funeral has to have happened after Jan. 20 of last year.
- The death certificate must attribute the passing to COVID-19.
- You will need any receipts from the funeral home, for transportation or for the burial plot.
In a statement, FEMA said it is receiving thousands of calls, so it is asking for patience with wait times.