Federal officials: Westchester County correction officer, Mount Vernon man arrested for robbery

Federal officials on Wednesday announced a Westchester County correction officer and a Mount Vernon man were arrested for a robbery in Orange County.
Recaldo Fray, 31, and 31-year-old Kaheem Palmer forced entry into a residence in Newburgh and restrained the two victims inside, and at gunpoint, stole a large quantity of marijuana and $4,500 in cash, according to U.S. Attorney’s Office.
Fray returned to the same residence two weeks later and attempted to threaten and intimidate a victim.
Fray and Palmer were charged with robbery. Fray is also charged tampering with a witness or victim.
A Westchester County spokesperson told News 12 Fray was hired in January 2023. He’s since been fired as he was within his one-year probationary period.