'Everybody needs a snow day' - NYC's decision to pull school snow days draws reactions from parents

The New York City Department of Education announced there will be no more snow days during the 2021-22 school calendar.
The department says students and families should plan on logging on for remote learning during those days.
The news has Long Islanders wondering what that could mean for their children.
"One of the issues that we are going to have to come to grips with is how we handle child care, because no matter what happens, that teacher, when he or she is home is mommy or daddy and that's a tough one. I don't have the answer to that today," said Superintendent of Nassau BOCES Dr. Robert Dillon.
Dillon says right now, no firm decisions have been made about whether Long Island's students would be expected to learn remotely on days when the weather would cancel school.
"The pandemic has exponentially thrust us forward with online, so now there's another option when you can't get to school, online learning," said Dillon.
Dillon says setting the school calendar in many districts on the Island is an agreement between labor unions and the district, so any decision to shift to remote learning on days schools is canceled because of severe weather, is an issue that may have to be negotiated.
"Everybody needs a snow day, every now and then. Moms too, teachers too, everybody," said one person who spoke with News 12.
News 12 spoke with the president of the Farmingdale Federation of Teachers and she says any final decision about working remotely on certain days would have to be talked about with the union and the district.