Eastchester parents join growing call for students to return to in-person learning

Parents in Eastchester are joining the growing calls for students to return to in-person learning.
A Board of Education meeting on the matter took place Tuesday night at Eastchester High School.
Parents of Eastchester students say the district isn't doing enough to bring their kids back into the classroom and that they want more in-person learning.
Eastchester schools are using the same hybrid learning model since September - two days in person and three days virtual.
Some parents say this isn't enough, citing other districts that have increased in-person learning days and brought the youngest kids back first.
But despite teachers' wishes for more in-person learning, they want to make sure any reopening plans are done safely.
Superintendent of Schools Dr. Rob Glass says building space and staff constraints have made it difficult for Eastchester to bring students back as quickly as parents want.
He is reconvening the district's reopening task force and plans to have an updated recommendation for in-person learning by the end of the month.
"It isn't like we have sat and done nothing right. We are in a particularly tough spot, and we have worked tirelessly to try and get students in," says Glass.