E-scooter pilot program brings 3K scooters to South Bronx commuters

There's a new way to get around the South Bronx - the E-Scooter.
The city's e-scooter program kicked off Tuesday, bringing 3,000 e-scooters to the area. Bird, Lime and Veo are the three companies selected by the Department of Transportation for the experiment. A representative from Veo told News 12 that this pilot program is important for the area.
"This gives you a whole user network of mobility that expands access to the subway and things like that. The hope is that people who don't want to use their cars, don't want to buy a car will have this as an option to help them with their commutes and their trip," says Alex Keating, director of public policy for Veo.
Phase one of the program is bringing 3,000 e-scooters to the area. That number increases to as many as 6,000 scooters during phase two, which also expands the footprint of the program to include Throgs Neck and Soundview.