Donation drive underway to help families displaced by Yonkers fire

Donation drive underway to help families displaced by Yonkers fire

A community is coming together to help families who lost everything when a fire tore through their home earlier this month.

A donation drive is underway for the displaced families of 149 North Broadway. Donations needed include clothes, toys and school supplies.

A fire ripped through the 10-family apartment building in Yonkers more than two weeks ago.

The mayor, City Council and community members came together in an initiative they call Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

A total of 48 adults and 38 children who are still In limbo said they were grateful for the gesture, but stressed there was still a lot to be done.

One private donor gave $10,000, which will be allocated for anything education-related ahead of the school year.

While many of the families still don't have permanent housing, they say the donation drive offered both relief and a lot of hope.

Valerie Perez says her life has been in total limbo since the fire displaced her family, and the end isn't in sight. The DSS will only review her case in late September.

"I'm down to my last funds," says Perez. "I tried to reach out to Red Cross, my worker is currently on vacation so they told me to call a different number to try to see if there was someone else would be able to assist."

City officials say it is important to have renters or homeowners insurance.