District: Disgruntled employee led to Mount Vernon schools lockout

The Mount Vernon school district was on lockout as a safety precaution Tuesday over a disgruntled employee, according to the district.
In a statement, a district spokesperson said that they were made aware over the weekend of a number of concerning statements made on social media by a disgruntled employee that were emailed to staff members.
Chris Vasquez reached out to News 12 saying he's the reason for the lockout. Vasquez, a science teacher, says he alerted Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Hamilton about corruption from inside school. Dr. Hamilton then sent Vasquez a letter ordering him to go on paid leave.
Vasquez alleges a teacher is selling food to students, and in one case, that a teacher pushed a student into the window for not paying for a bag of chips, causing him to bleed.
Vasquez then shared his concerns by posting comments on social media and emailing the staff about what he says he's witnessed.
Vasquez says Tuesday's lockout is unnecessary, adding he's not out to hurt anyone, and just wants the district and Board of Education to take his concerns seriously.
A district spokesperson says she can't comment on personnel matters.
Vasquez has hired an attorney and plans to take legal action.
The Board of Education met Monday night, but it's unclear if they discussed the lockout.