Disbarred lawyer gets 1 to 3 years for stealing from clients

A disbarred lawyer has been sentenced to one to three years in prison for stealing from clients.
Laurieanne DeLitta, of Briarcliff Manor, admitted she stole millions of dollars from clients - money that was the proceeds of their home sales.
Several of the victims spoke out explaining the impact the thefts had on their lives, saying DeLitta had betrayed them.
The defendant was emotional throughout the proceeding.
"I will spend every waking moment for the rest of my life to make it up to these people the best that I can," she said. 
County Court Judge Anne Minihan said even if DeLitta paid back every cent she stole, she cannot get back that trust.
Delitta was sued by most of her victims, and judgments against her have totaled nearly $4 million.