Data: Large numbers of front-line workers, military have not gotten COVID-19 vaccine

Newly released figures show large numbers of U.S. front-line workers and military members have not gotten the COVID-19 vaccine.
Research from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows over 40% of front-line workers haven't been vaccinated. The study says most of those workers are worried about the potential side effects of a vaccine.
The figures include those who don't want one or are still undecided.
The decision not to get the shot was highest among nursing home workers and  home health care workers.
Meanwhile, 50% of military members may have rejected a COVID-19 vaccine, according to uniformed medical officers and data from several bases.
That number, though, is much higher than the one given by defense officials. They say about 1-in-3 troops have skipped the shot.
The military has launched an internal campaign to combat vaccine hesitancy. It expects the acceptance rate to increase.