Concern about people driving high increases as recreational marijuana legalized

With recreational pot becoming legal in New York, health officials are expressing concern that there will be more people on the roads driving high.
Experts say each person's body reacts differently to the chemicals in marijuana.
Police tell News 12 that pot should be treated like alcohol, with sobriety tests being used to check drivers.
As for crashes, some studies show no increase after marijuana was legalized - while others found the opposite.
A top AAA official says education is key. "There needs to be a rigorous public education campaign not only for youngsters but also for the general public...there is a need for more DREs (drug recognition experts).  All the revenue that comes from marijuana sales, we want more police to be trained as drug recognition experts," says Robert Sinclair Jr., of AAA Northeast.
Breathalyzer-like devices that measure THC, the psycho-active ingredient in marijuana, are in various stages of development.