Commuters, officials push for bus on new bridge

Bus riders in Rockland are hoping a proposed feature on the new Gov. Mario Cuomo Bridge will make their ride to work easier.
When plans for the new bridge were being drawn up, there was quite a bit of discussion about there being a dedicated bus lane. However, now that the span is close to being complete, the state has said the dedicated lane might not happen. “They start speaking of the dedicated bus lane as being a ‘potential,’” says Rockland County Executive Ed Day.
Day and numerous other officials and commuters are making their concerns known.  That say “potential” is not an option since the dedicated lane would help speed commuters across the span into Rockland and Westchester counties.
An open house was held earlier this week by the state DOT, and findings were released that showed the lane would reduce travel times. This impressed many state officials, and now it appears they are more open to making “potential” a “reality.”  "It looked like it was a positive outcome for us to take place," says Rockland County Transportation Commissioner Douglas Schuetz.
And if the lane does happen, it will open in 2018 and will also be available to emergency vehicles, as well as buses.