Claims of corruption arise in Westchester Independence Club

Possible illegal contributions and questionable transactions have been uncovered within the campaign financial statements filed for the Westchester Independence Club.
A New12 Westchester review of the Westchester Independence Club's financial documents shows some questionable spending and contributions from candidates. Financial statements from 2004-2005 reveal a $27,000 expenditure to North Fork Bank and monthly payments for "housekeeping" that were made to an American Express card totaling $14,000 over six months. Those payments apparently had no party line affiliated with them. The allegations have led critics to claim the club and the local Independence Party leadership is corrupt.
Nader Sayegh is a candidate for the 35th State Senate seat held by Nick Spano (R-NY). The Yonkers attorney and public school principal is also behind an effort to reorganize Westchester's Independence Party. Sayegh claims Dr. Guilio Cavallo, who is listed as treasurer for the Independence Club, asked candidates to contribute money in exchange for the Independence line on election ballots.
Republican political analyst Mike Edelman says he thinks minor parties cross-endorsing major party candidates can easily lead to corruption.