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'Chief of Cheer' job offers $2,500 to watch, rank movies

The chosen candidate will get paid $2,500 to rank the 25 movies they will watch in 25 days.

Jesse Lindell

Nov 13, 2023, 10:35 PM

Updated 245 days ago


One popular holiday tradition is making hot chocolate, grabbing a blanket and watching their favorite holiday movies. What if you had the opportunity to get paid while enjoying this popular leisure activity?
Yes, you read that right. Cabletv.com is looking for a "Chief of Cheer" to watch 25 movies in 25 days.
The chosen candidate has to keep track of each flick and rank them based on nostalgia, heartwarming storytelling and holiday cheer.
The chosen "cheer leader" will get $2,500 and a year's subscription to seven streaming services.
Cabletv.com is accepting applications on its website through Dec. 1.

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