CDC report: Newburgh reservoir polluted by firefighting foam used at Stewart Air National Guard base

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released Friday a final report about pollution in a Newburgh reservoir.
The CDC says the chemicals found in the reservoir came from the nearby Stewart Air National Guard base.
They were in firefighting foam that went into the ground and streams and found their way to the city's drinking water.
They're PFAs chemicals, which are man-made and have been used worldwide since the 1940s to make everything from nonstick cookware to stain resistant fabrics.
Studies have shown exposure to them may be linked to harmful health effects for human and animals
The City of Newburgh has been using the city's Catskill Aqueduct for drinking water since 2016, but this report did find higher than normal levels of the chemicals in peoples' blood.
The full 71-page report can be found HERE.