Cash-strapped agencies serving those with special needs feeling the pinch as inflation soars

As inflation soars to 30-year highs, already cash-strapped agencies serving those with special needs are really feeling the pinch.
The Arc Rockland says it was due a 1% increase from Medicaid this past spring for the first time in over five years to cover cost of living expenses while inflation this year alone is up over 6%.
Agencies like these provide everything from job support and housing to meals and transportation to people with disabilities.
"Our operating costs have increased significantly while the revenue we get from the state is flat, so it's creating areas in our programs with significant deficits," says
Arc Rockland chief financial officer Ganeene O'Brien.
The agency's current budget for 2022 is at a $5 million deficit that it's working to trim down, but the skyrocketing prices are making it increasingly difficult.