Breast cancer patients find relief thanks to new surgery

A Westchester doctor is helping restore the lives of breast cancer patients in the area.
Dr. Douglas Roth of Caremount Medical is the first in the county to offer the DIEP flap procedure.
He says the procedure uses a section of fat, skin and blood vessels from a patient's abdomen to rebuild a woman's breast immediately after having mastectomy.
Dr. Roth also says the procedure doesn't require multiple surgeries like some implants do and it doesn't sacrifice muscles in the abdomen.
"The patient would have any reminders that they've had precious surgery -- that they underwent breast cancer treatment," Roth says.
Two patients from Verplanck and Croton on Hudson says being able to have the DIEP flap surgery has allowed them to move on with their lives.
"For me, this was the best decision I've ever made and I would tell anybody that," said Marianne Calo, of Croton-on-Hudson. "This procedure I truly think saved my life."