BE ON LOOKOUT: Deer roaming Airmont with head stuck in Halloween pumpkin

Photos have been taken of a young deer with its head stuck in a plastic pumpkin.

News 12 Staff

Nov 22, 2021, 5:39 PM

Updated 974 days ago


Residents in Airmont are on the lookout for a deer they say is in big trouble.
Photos were taken of a young deer with its head stuck in a plastic pumpkin.
Witnesses believe the deer must have been looking for food inside the decorative pumpkin as it sat on someone's porch, left over from Halloween.
The fawn has been spotted in the Airmont area for about a week.
"As soon as we got within 25 feet of her, she shot up and ran away," says Robert Scaccio, who spotted the deer Sunday night. "I saw her at about sundown and that's when the pursuit started."
Police and firefighters trailed the deer for about four hours before she got away.
Scaccio plans to leave food out for the deer in hopes of luring her close enough so that he can help.
"We've been seeing her daily," says Scaccio. "We had neighbors keeping their eye out looking for her, and we're trying to get some help to get that pumpkin off her head."
Scaccio says they don't want to hurt the animal. He urges people to not chase the deer and to call police if they spot her.
Neighbors are asking anyone willing to help to call the DEC at 844-332-3267.

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