Ardsley soccer player's want for more muscle turns into a passion

Trying to be a world-class power-lifter would be tough for anyone, but for one Ardsley High School senior, it fell in his lap.
Alex Sydor says soccer was his first love before becoming a talented lifter.
"I just love the game. It's just been a passion since I was 3 years old and my dad knew I was going to go far with it, so we stuck with it and now we're here," says Sydor.
Things were set in motion a few years ago when Sydor realized he needed to put on some muscle for soccer. So he headed to the weight room.
Soon power-lifting began to outshine soccer, and he wanted to take it to the next level.
"He told me he was getting into power-lifting, I wasn't sure," says Ardsley head soccer coach Eric Petrone. "Next thing you know, he was out winning a national championship last year and then this year, like the major high school national championship."
Sydor competes at the highest levels in power-lifting, and continues to set his goals toward winning more national championships. He's set to compete in national events next year.