Archdiocese: St. Mary’s Church in Yonkers merging with Parish of St. Peter-St. Denis

The archdiocese says Mass will still be celebrated at St. Mary’s on Sundays.

Melanie Palmer

Jun 25, 2024, 9:23 PM

Updated 25 days ago


The Church of the Immaculate Conception, also known as St. Mary's, has been a pillar in the Yonkers community for 175 years. However, effective this Sunday, it will officially become part of the St Peter-St. Denis parish. It's a move that many in the community have been fighting hard to prevent. People typically hear prayers echoing loud inside the walls of a church but on Tuesday night, they were being shouted at the corner of Nepperhan Avenue and Broadway, within eyeshot of St. Mary's Church. "It's sad to lose a crown jewel, the mother of all churches," said former St. Mary's parishioner Miguel De La Cruz. Parishioners both past and present are fighting for their place of worship to stay as it is. It has been a battle brewing for months. It started back in December when the archdiocese announced the church was in need of major repairs to continue regular services. That price tag was around $10 million. Church leadership originally said they would likely end up needing to merge St. Mary's with another parish. However, some longtime parishioners told News 12 they didn't think that move would happen so soon. They want the church to be designated as an historic landmark. Their goal is for the church to maintain all of its services that they say are crucial to many in this community. That includes Mass services in Spanish and other options. "Coming from a household of immigrants, we need something that related to our country and something that related to our country is spirituality," said St. Mary's parishioner Miguel Angel Lucas. The parishioners hope the city steps in to help. In the meantime, they say they are working on their own plan to save their church.        News 12 reached out to the City of Yonkers about any future plans related to St. Mary's but has not heard back. A spokesperson with the archdiocese said Sunday Mass services will still be held at St. Mary's.

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