Anti-gun activists hold basketball tournament as way to promote peace

A group of anti-gun activists got together for a basketball tournament at P.S. 279 to promote peace.
The event was hosted by Bronx Council Member Pierinia Sanchez, the Bronx Young Democrats, and the Bronx Rises Against Violence program.
The tournament is a response to two shootings that occurred in front of the council member’s office in the Bronx.
Organizers say it's a much-needed alternative for youth to convene in a fun and supportive environment.
"If we're expecting the community to put them guns down, you got to give them something to pick up, which is a basketball. It's perfect for them to come together and change that mindset,” said Richard Bahamonte, outreach supervisor at B.R.A.G.
Representatives from the council members office say their goal is to make the tournament an annual event in the community.
For those who missed the game, starting Aug. 13, Saturday Night Lights will be coming to the district.