AirDrop threat at Goshen High School under investigation

Authorities in Orange County are investigating another AirDrop threat of gun violence - this time at Goshen High School. 
District officials say a student in a first period gym class got an AirDrop threat Thursday saying someone was going to be “shooting up the school.“
The student told their teacher and teens were immediately put in a hold in place while police searched Goshen High School.
Students were held in their classrooms for most of the day while authorities checked phones and brought in a police K-9 to check for anything dangerous.
Goshen and state police found the threat to be a hoax. 
The district shared five updates on their website between 8:48 p.m. and 12:46 p.m. – when authorities deemed the threat was fake and the hold in place was lifted. 
News 12 spoke to residents in town who said they feel sorry for the kids and parents who had to experience the frightening ordeal. 
“It’s definitely crazy times right now," said one woman. 
“Goshen has really changed. I feel sorry for the people who have kids nowadays,” said Betty Anderson, an 81-year Goshen resident. 
AirDrop is an easy way for Apple users to send photos and videos to other Apple users nearby. 
The AirDrop threat is the third in recent weeks.
Middletown had one last month that postponed their pep rally after someone threatened to use a semi-automatic weapon at the event. 
Marlboro also had a similar threat on Monday and sent a letter home to parents. 
So far, no one has been arrested in those incidents. 
In Goshen, authorities say they checked all cellphones in the gym class where the student was messaged but were not able to find who sent the threat. 
District officials say the incident remains under investigation and that extra police will be at the school Friday.