$458 million luxury housing complex on Yonkers waterfront gets green light

Yonkers is poised for a significant transformation along its waterfront, as developers prepare to commence work on a new upscale residential project named "Teutonia Hall."
The Yonkers Industrial Development Agency recently granted approval for this ambitious $458 million undertaking.
The focal point of the development is a striking 41-story building, designed to house a total of 906 apartments. Alongside the residential units, the complex will encompass nearly 3,000 square feet of commercial space, enriching the area's commercial landscape.
Anticipated for completion in Dec. 2031, Teutonia Hall represents a substantial investment in Yonkers' urban development.
This project not only underscores the city's commitment to expanding its residential offerings but also signifies a significant step in enhancing the waterfront area, contributing to Yonkers' evolving skyline and economic vitality.